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Fusion flavors

viande - fusion flavors
poissons - fusion flavors

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Mix of culture

Cathy, a true embodiment of multiculturalism, traces her origins to Africa, blossomed in Belgium, and now finds herself immersed in the vibrant streets of London. With a heart enriched by diverse cultures, she weaves her own narrative through the art of cooking.

Her culinary journey began during her childhood, where she discovered an undeniable passion for the kitchen. Amidst the warmth of her home, the aroma of spices and the sizzle of ingredients dancing in pans filled her days. This enchanting blend of flavors became an integral part of her identity.

As time flowed, the natural progression towards her culinary destiny unfurled. The concept of creating a take-away emerged as organically as a garden’s first bloom. Inspired by her own culinary heritage and the diverse palates she encountered on her travels, Cathy envisioned sharing her love for food in a way that transcended borders.